29th May, 2016 @ Church

Worship leader: Dr. Gladwin
“The songs  that the Holy spirit imprinted in my heart where first to declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our life and all of us to bless him for his sacrifice on the cross , bless father God for His love and Bless the Holy spirit for his companionship.
Then throughout the week was lead to look in to life of a believer ,what happens to him when he is caught in a storm . storm of this life . storms of sickness, difficulties, financial problems,relationship issues and so on…
Answer was from words of the song Anchor by hillsong . The Hope we have in Jesus is the only our Anchor for my soul. Anchor
So all the songs depicted the picture of  a ship in midst of storm Anchored . so we have in Jesus Christ as the anchor for our souls.  Hebrews 6 11. giving the lord praise and honor for his utter faithfulness even the midst of storm was heart of the worship time.
Never did I recognize that this thought was not just for church, the congregation or for those attending service but for me who was to have emergency surgery for appendectomy the day after leading and singing and trusting in the anchor of my soul.  2 weeks later I can testify as the song says I have this hope as a anchor for my soul in every storm I will hold to you.  And even when the oceans raise and thunders roll I  will soar with you  upon the storm. I am getting better and recovering now.
Lord holy  spirit leads us in  True worship of God as we wait on Him and also empowers us to know of his Nature and Character Si we can Trust in the Eternal God.”

Song List:
Lord your are my God.
Blessed be the name of the Lord
My life is in you lord.
Faithful one so unchanging
Never once
When the oceans raise (Still).
Oceans (where feet my fail)

Message: Dr. Balamugesh

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