3rd July, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. D.J. Christopher
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Worship Leader: Dr. Gladwin
Worship – This word kept me wondering what it really means , what is its true meaning. Almost 18yr have passed involved in this ministry of worshipper of Him.
And as I meditated on  worshipping, singing, playing instrument I came to recognize more strongly and deeply that its all about who GOD is,  His Attributes. His holiness, glory, love, mercy, grace, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, eternality, goodness, unchangeable, immorality… and so on.

By Holy Spirit leading the following Songs were chosen.
Everlasting to everlasting – eternal being
Give thanks to the lord our god and king -goodness
You are filled with compassion – compassion
I stand in awe of you -holiness
You are not God created by Human hands – Omniscience, omnipotence
Take me past the outer court – To Behold His Glory
Holy spirit Your welcome here – Praying for Spirit leading to know Him.