10th July, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Jacob Chacko
Topic: Life’s choices- where it will lead us to ultimately. Living a life sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit.
Lessons learned from the life of Lot:

  • The choices that we make today, will determine where we end up in later life.
  • The choices that we make will depend on what is in our hearts, whether our heart’s desire is to love the Lord and follow Him and serve Him.
  • A small deviation early in our life will result in significant effects in later life.

Lessons learned from the life of Phillip:

  • Philip was sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, obedient and available.
  • If we are faithful in obeying what direction God gives us, He will lead us to greater things.
  • God does not show us the entire blue-print of our lives in one stretch; when we are obedient in the first step, He will lead us to the next step.
  • Philip’s choice to be obedient to the Lord resulted in his own life being blessed, and in him being a blessing to others.

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Worship Leader: Sharon
Colossians 1:15-17.
Finding our purpose in Him through worship (as God reveals Himself)

Pastor Ashish once taught me something really wonderful about “Praise”. When I want to praise someone I dont say, “I praise you, I praise you and I praise you some more”. That would be weird. Instead I’d say, “I like your dress” or “I love your eyes and you sing really beautifully”.
Sadly, when we praise God, “God I praise you. I praise you oh Lord”
Be more vocal. Use your words. Thank God for who He is, and especially for who He is to you!”.

Sometimes I feel unworthy to worship like I’m not fit to worship God; to even say “God you are good”. GOD is GOOD, thats the truth and that fact isn’t going to change based on what you did or did not do. So no matter where you stand, you can praise God for who He is”

Song List
Lord you are more precious than silver
You are my all in all
For who you are
Who am I
Your grace is sufficient for me