29th October, 2017 @ Church – Youth Sunday

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Special Songs:
“By Faith”: Lyrics videoAudio download
“Draw me close (African version) by Esther”: Audio

Sarah MJ: Audio
Joel James: Audio

“As Youth group, we stand with one specific reason to rejoice! The cross we all cling to, is our reason. To know that every curse upon mankind, every sickness, every sin and sorrow has been defeated because of our loving Savior is amazing. As we sing, let’s leave it at all the foot of the cross and just look upto to God in gratitude!
To know that God would love us, beyond our shortcomings is something unfathomable. This is clearly told in the Bible where, it says that Christ died for us while we were still sinners. The cross, an often seen symbol of torture has now become the symbol of the greatest form of unconditional love.
Its not easy to suffer, and definitely not when it’s for no fault of our own. But when we look at Jesus, we see how He did it out of love for His precious children. And God wants us to do the same as well, having created is in His image. Let us ask God to lead us to the cross, to be able to learn more about His heart so we can learn to love others the way Christ did. In the midst of everything that happens, understanding God’s sovereignty and His faithfulness is bound to put everything in a proper perspective where we can learn to trust Him for everything. Let us rejoice, The cross has made a way!”
Song List
Trading my Sorrows
Lord I lift your name on high
My Jesus I love Thee
Lead me to the cross
In control

“Rejoice when you can’t – One Gain, One Focus, One Destination” (Philippians 3)
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