5th November, 2017 @ Church

Message: Dr. Beena Mathew (Moms in Prayer)
“Our primary calling as a Christian”
Sermon Audio

Baby Dedication:
Testimony by Benji, Becky, Jaedon and Anaya: Audio Video
Special song (No longer slaves): Audio Video

Worship: Joel James
“The central chapter is focused on Psalms 115. With the verse that focused on we reflect who we worship.  Being made in the image of God our worship ought to reflect our heavenly Father.  As we shift or focus of trust into things like our wealth etc. we become like them that worship idols – (deaf, dumb and mute) Psalms 115 verse 8.
Let our lives and worship reflect our God”
Song List
Good good father
Hungry I come
Amazing Grace – broken vessels
How great is our God
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