12th June, 2022 @ Church

Full Church Service:

Order Of Service:

Opening Prayer and Welcome: Ravish Sanghi
Worship (“Sing Wherever I Go”): Benjamin and Team
Bible Reading: James 1
Sermon (“Faith in Action”): Kenny David
Intercessory Prayer:

“Faith In Action”. Sermon by Kenny David

Themes in the book of James

  • Trials in the Christian life – Causes and effects
  • The strategic role of the scriptures in the Christian life
  • Our tendency towards prejudice
  • The interplay between faith and works
  • The right and wrong use of the tongue
  • What causes quarrels and fights among us?
  • Secrets of the life that fulfils the will of God
  • A picture of the sad state of the world we live in
  • Enduring in suffering and prayer
  • The prayer of faith
  • Trials in the Christian life – Causes and effects

“Sing Wherever I Go”. Worship by Benjamin and team:

“All my life, all I know
God’s been good, good to my soul
Mountain high, valley low
I’m gonna sing wherever I go”

Song List:

  • Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
  • Sing Wherever I Go
  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • Trust I The Lord And Don’t Despair
  • Goodness of God
  • How Great Thou Art

“Fill My Cup”: Hymn

A performative worship service is one that could merrily go on even if there was no one there but the people at the front of the room—the pastor(s) and the band. A participatory worship service is one that would have no meaning unless the congregation was present and doing their part.