3rd July, 2022 @ Church

Full Church Service:

Order Of Service:

Opening Prayer and Welcome: Rabin Chacko
Worship: Gladwin and team
Holy Communion
Sharing: Mary Raghuveer.
Bible Reading (Mathew 5:1-12): Herald
Sermon (Blessed Are Those Who Mourn): DJ Christopher
Intercessory Prayer: Manisha

Sermon (“Blessed Are Those Who Mourn”): DJ Christopher

  • Mourning due to evil from others
  • Mourning due to our own faults
  • What mourning is not
  • Jesus the man of sorrow
  • Sorrow for sin
  • The ultimate comfort


Song List:
Blessed be the name of the Lord
God is good all the time
Glorious day
How great is our God
Breath on me breath of God

Testimony by Mary Raghuveer

Mary shares her miraculous journey through cancer twice and then liver disease as she felt God’s comforting reassurances and presence through it all.

Pastor Thomas Uncle’s 90th Birthday Celebration

As a Church, we have been blessed by Uncle and Aunty. Today, we had a short time of celebrating Uncle’s 90th Birthday with a few felicitations, cake cutting, prayers and responses from Uncle and Aunty