11th September, 2022 @ Church

Full Church Service

Order Of Service

Opening Prayer and Welcome: Arun
Worship – NOBODY (But Jesus): Benjamin And Team
Testimony and sharing for Baptism: Lerisha
Report on Peniel Tabernacle Retreat
Sermon – Selfie Of Your Heart: Robello Samuel
Intercession: Rebekah

Sermon – Selfie Of Your Heart: Robello Samuel

In this selfie generation, Robello explores the story of the man who tried to take a selfie of his heart with Jesus and then explores the question, “Can you take a selfie of your heart?”

Worship – NOBODY (But Jesus): Benjamin and team

We worship a God who is beyond compare! Nobody loves me like Jesus and there is none like Him. The resounding answer to the question “Who is like the Lord?” is “There is no-one!”. He is a God who holds us when we are shaking like a leaf!
Song List:
Days of Elijah
Stand Up And Give Him The Praise (Who Is Like The Lord)
Nobody Loves Me Like You
There Is None Like You
Jesus, name Above All Names
Hold Me Jesus

Peniel Tabernacle Retreat Report

Testimony and Sharing: Baptism (Dr. Lerisha)