25th September, 2022 @ Church

Full Church Service

Order of service:

  • Opening Prayer and Welcome: Saban Horo
  • Worship (“TODAY”): Adeline And Team
  • Announcements
  • Sermon (“Bible study – Book of James”): Kenny David
  • Intercession: Krupa
  • Benediction

Sermon: Bible Study Series – the Book of James. Kenny David

James’ questions to us today

Is Christ character and nature being formed inyou
What is the evidence that God has donesomething real in your life?

The sin of partiality

What is it?
What is it NOT?
How does it manifest?
How does one deal with it?

Worship: “TODAY”: Adeline and Team

Song List:

▪︎This is the day
▪︎Great is Thy faithfulness
▪︎Day by day and with each passing moment
▪︎For this I have Jesus
▪︎From the breaking of the dawn
▪︎One day at a time