2nd October, 2022 @ Church

Full Church Service

Order Of Service:

Opening Prayer and Welcome: D.J. Christopher
Worship : Aaron and Team
Sermon (Hebrews 2. “Drifting away from the Lord”): Jacob Chacko
Intercession: Judy

Sermon: Hebrews 2. “Drifting away from the Lord.”: Jacob Chacko

Prosechein means to pay attention to – to
moor or anchor a ship.

Pararrein means something flowing or
slipping past, a ring that has slipped off a finger,
something which has been carelessly or
thoughtlessly been allowed to become lost.

“therefore, we must  more eagerly anchor
our lives to the things that we have been
taught in case the ship of life should drift past
the harbour and be wrecked.”

– It is a vivid picture of a ship drifting to
destruction because the pilot is asleep.

Worship: Aaron and Family