21st August, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Chandrasingh
Topic: You will be my witnesses (Acts 1:8)
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Worship Leader: Benji
Worship Theme: OVERCOME
“We all struggle to overcome obstacles in life – exams, relationships, habits, finances, etc. As Christians we have this assurance that Jesus wears the Victors Crown and will fight every battle with us and for us. We will overcome not by our own strength but by the strength of our creator. We are ordered to wait upon the Lord and renew our strength to rise up like eagles.
Victors Crown is a song we’ve sung at Edge Church (Adelaide) many years ago and a desire to use it as the theme for worship was rekindled when we sang it at Ashraya in Chennai.
I also included Nachoonga (the Hindi version of Undignified) on special request by my son – it was fun to see the kids out-sing the adults on the intro song today!”
Song List
Undignified / Nachoonga
Victory Chant (Hail Jesus)
Everlasting God
Victors Crown
Stand up, Stand up for Jesus

14th August, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Balamugesh

The Gray Matrix

Topic: What is our Biblical Mandate?
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Dr. Balamugesh used the following two video clips in his message:
Heart of God
– Evangelism Quotes


Worship Leader: Joel
“Colossians 1. All things were made by Him and for Him. Our lives are meant to be centred around Jesus . Everything we do should revolve around Him. Our lives are an act of worship to Him”
Song List
Holy Holy Holy
The name of the Lord is a strong tower
Come now is the time to worship
Jesus at the center of it all
Its all about you, Jesus
I Have a father
Jesus all for Jesus


7th August, 2016 @ Church

Message: Mr. C. Samuel
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Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”

Worship Leader: Dr. Gladwin
“Praise means to honor, worship, and express admiration for God. Psalm 150 is an excellent Psalm which expresses this with every verse starting with the word praise. And a special thought of All that has breath to praise God. Considering that we inhale and exhale more than 20000 times a day,  we ought to praise God  for his kindness, goodness, mercy, grace and love and many more blessings.
Songs were based on Psalm 150, the central thought being praise.”
Song List
Hosanna praise is raising
Praise him on the trumpet, psaltery and harp
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Praise my soul the king of heaven
How great is our God
You are great
All heavens declare


31st July, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Cijoy Kuriakose
Topic: Church – the Community of Christ
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Worship: Dr. Edwin and family
List of songs
Hosanna ( Praise is rising )
Days of Elijah
Thank you Lord
Lord, I need you
Sing and shout
Praise Him, Praise Him
“1 Samuel 1 – we see Hannah pleading for a child and 3 years later she is back with the son – Samuel in the sanctuary giving him back as a thank offering because the Lord remembered her.
How often do we take time to recollect the many blessings we have and thank the Lord – through praise , prayer , tithing of our time and material possessions.”

PS: For those of you who loved the new song you learnt at church today (Sing and Shout by Matt Redman), you can see Matt Redmans video here

24th July, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Rabin Chacko
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Worship Leader: Dr. Kenny David
Song List:
1. Our God saves
2. Your grace is enough
3. I will boast
4. God of the City
5. Worthy, You are worthy
6. King of Kings, Majesty
7. Lord, I need You
Kenny: “Ps 145:10. All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord, and all your saints shall bless you.
Earth is full of God’s praise, and we are ‘God’s workmanship’ as the New Testament puts it, so we come together in His name today to worship him. There are so many things we can ask of Him….might, power, justice….but His grace is enough! For me, for you, for our families, our churches, our nation.  He is enthroned….and although the powers of this world rage, we are reminded that there are many who have not bowed their knees to the gods of this world. We can proclaim Him as our God, the God of this city….the one who is worthy for ever and ever, and even beyond that. Enthroned in majesty, power and glory….what can we do but bow before Him. Yes, Father, let me see you for who You are, and in Your light, let me see myself, and my desperate need of You…every hour…my defense and my righteousness, O Lord “

17th July, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Dhanraj
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Worship Leader: Kristin Issac
Song List
Lord, you are good
Be magnified
Be Thou my vision
Abide with me
How He loves us
Knowing You

Kristin Issac: “God has been good to each one of us. We’ve all had our personal experiences with God. We have witnessed His works and power, and even testified of His awesomeness.

But after all this, we still forget His faithfulness. We turn to the world to give us answers. We make God’s power seem so meaningless, and we hurt Him through our lack of faith. We must ask forgiveness for this sin. And in spite of all the doubts, God will continue to love us. That’s how good our God is.

Let us look to God to give us everything we expected the world to give us-money, love, comfort, healing. He has the answers to every question. He knows us and our needs better than anyone else.

And, as we ask Him forgiveness for the times we’ve failed to realize or remember His power, let us ask God to dwell in us and be with us, as we need Him so desperately. Nothing in this world is eternal and unchanging like Him. Nothing in this world can care for us, love us, comfort us, provide for us, like our good Father does.”

10th July, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Jacob Chacko
Topic: Life’s choices- where it will lead us to ultimately. Living a life sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit.
Lessons learned from the life of Lot:

  • The choices that we make today, will determine where we end up in later life.
  • The choices that we make will depend on what is in our hearts, whether our heart’s desire is to love the Lord and follow Him and serve Him.
  • A small deviation early in our life will result in significant effects in later life.

Lessons learned from the life of Phillip:

  • Philip was sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, obedient and available.
  • If we are faithful in obeying what direction God gives us, He will lead us to greater things.
  • God does not show us the entire blue-print of our lives in one stretch; when we are obedient in the first step, He will lead us to the next step.
  • Philip’s choice to be obedient to the Lord resulted in his own life being blessed, and in him being a blessing to others.

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Worship Leader: Sharon
Colossians 1:15-17.
Finding our purpose in Him through worship (as God reveals Himself)

Pastor Ashish once taught me something really wonderful about “Praise”. When I want to praise someone I dont say, “I praise you, I praise you and I praise you some more”. That would be weird. Instead I’d say, “I like your dress” or “I love your eyes and you sing really beautifully”.
Sadly, when we praise God, “God I praise you. I praise you oh Lord”
Be more vocal. Use your words. Thank God for who He is, and especially for who He is to you!”.

Sometimes I feel unworthy to worship like I’m not fit to worship God; to even say “God you are good”. GOD is GOOD, thats the truth and that fact isn’t going to change based on what you did or did not do. So no matter where you stand, you can praise God for who He is”

Song List
Lord you are more precious than silver
You are my all in all
For who you are
Who am I
Your grace is sufficient for me

3rd July, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. D.J. Christopher
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Worship Leader: Dr. Gladwin
Worship – This word kept me wondering what it really means , what is its true meaning. Almost 18yr have passed involved in this ministry of worshipper of Him.
And as I meditated on  worshipping, singing, playing instrument I came to recognize more strongly and deeply that its all about who GOD is,  His Attributes. His holiness, glory, love, mercy, grace, omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, eternality, goodness, unchangeable, immorality… and so on.

By Holy Spirit leading the following Songs were chosen.
Everlasting to everlasting – eternal being
Give thanks to the lord our god and king -goodness
You are filled with compassion – compassion
I stand in awe of you -holiness
You are not God created by Human hands – Omniscience, omnipotence
Take me past the outer court – To Behold His Glory
Holy spirit Your welcome here – Praying for Spirit leading to know Him.