Sunday @ Church

9th October, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Margery Emmanuel
Topic: How God can turn tragedies into triumph
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Worship Leader: Maureen
Theme: God’s love
“We seem to always think that 1st Corinthians 13 which talks about the attributes of love always refers to our earthly relationships. But do we apply it in our relationship with God. He loves us so much and we live because he has loved us. If love amongst ourselves can cover a multitude of sins …What more can God’s love do ?”
Song List
Tambira Jehovah ( Dance for the Lord)
Because He lives
The Power of Your Love
Wonderful, Merciful Savior
Munoshamisa ( So amazing Lord)

25th September, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Rabin Chacko
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Worship Leader: Dan Anna Teddy
Complete surrender
Praise and worship is an expression of our gratitude to the Lord for his wonderful mercies and grace.
However worries and doubts fill our hearts and we are unable to give him our all.
As mentioned in the passage Mat 6:25-34, God knows our needs and is ever faithful to meet it. All we need to do is to seek his kingdom and submit to his will.
In times of dificulties, all worldly help seems temporary and do not give us adequate comfort. However God knows our inner being , that we are mere mortals and he will give us the peace that passeth all understanding during times like this.
When we completely surrender to him, he will guide us through. He will be our strength when we feel weak and fill our cup when we are dry.
Christ is enough for us every moment of our lives and in every step of the way.
However it is also important to remember that if we are standing now that it is all because of his grace.
We need to remind ourselves daily of how much we need him and his loving support.
Song list
This is my desire
You are my all in all
Christ is enough
Lord I need you
All to Jesus I surrender

18th September, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. DJ Christopher
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Worship Leader: Sam Christopher
– “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” It’s not just about just praying before starting anything. It giving him his space to work in our plans. After we pray if we rely on our own plans and ways instead of God’s, then the prayer makes no point. It’s not just about putting Him first, it’s about putting Him above everything.

– When we submit our ways and decisions to the plans of God, we can actually see the Wonder. We set our best possible targets or goals. When we direct them under the control of God, we see that God’s plan is better than what we thought was best for us. Only thing he expects from us is patience.

– Even in our personal, where we struggle between flesh and spirit, God’s mercy and grace always uphold us. God’s ultimate plan is to bring the entire humanity to his kingdom and not to judge and throw in the lake of fire.
Are we taking advantage of his grace and mercy to enjoy the pleasures of the world or are we growing day by day?

– Worship is not just about praising and thanking God in our happy and good times. True worship is no matter what it is, we rely on the hope we have in Christ that he is in control of everything in our life and that he’ll do only good to us. (Romans 8:28)

Song list:
1. Every move I make
2. Hail Jesus
3. You are beautiful
4. From the inside out
5. Arise
6. Heart of worship
7. I give myself away


21st August, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Chandrasingh
Topic: You will be my witnesses (Acts 1:8)
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Worship Leader: Benji
Worship Theme: OVERCOME
“We all struggle to overcome obstacles in life – exams, relationships, habits, finances, etc. As Christians we have this assurance that Jesus wears the Victors Crown and will fight every battle with us and for us. We will overcome not by our own strength but by the strength of our creator. We are ordered to wait upon the Lord and renew our strength to rise up like eagles.
Victors Crown is a song we’ve sung at Edge Church (Adelaide) many years ago and a desire to use it as the theme for worship was rekindled when we sang it at Ashraya in Chennai.
I also included Nachoonga (the Hindi version of Undignified) on special request by my son – it was fun to see the kids out-sing the adults on the intro song today!”
Song List
Undignified / Nachoonga
Victory Chant (Hail Jesus)
Everlasting God
Victors Crown
Stand up, Stand up for Jesus

14th August, 2016 @ Church

Message: Dr. Balamugesh

The Gray Matrix

Topic: What is our Biblical Mandate?
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Dr. Balamugesh used the following two video clips in his message:
Heart of God
– Evangelism Quotes


Worship Leader: Joel
“Colossians 1. All things were made by Him and for Him. Our lives are meant to be centred around Jesus . Everything we do should revolve around Him. Our lives are an act of worship to Him”
Song List
Holy Holy Holy
The name of the Lord is a strong tower
Come now is the time to worship
Jesus at the center of it all
Its all about you, Jesus
I Have a father
Jesus all for Jesus